24 July 2018

Hunter S. Thompson is Smiling Somewhere

It's a review of OZY Fest 2018 from Rolling Stone magazine by  Matt Christman and Will Menaker of very left Chapo Trap House podcast, who referred to it as a, "Neoliberal Nightmare.".

It is a thing of beauty, and my favorite bit was reading about Rose McGowan throwing serious shade at guest of honor Hillary Clinton:
After taking a time out in the advertorial screening room/safe space presented by Volvo, I caught some of Rose McGowan’s talk on #MeToo. What her analysis of sexual harassment and assault was lacking in materialism, she more than made up for in purity of hate. I like to think she was throwing some subtle shade on the queen when she referred to the Weinsteins of the world as “superpredators.” Maybe it’s just my love of Jawbreaker talking, but Comrade McGowan might join the revolution yet.
It WAS shade, and it WASN'T subtle.


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