19 December 2017

Quote of the Day

Instead of piling algorithms on top of algorithms on top of algorithms to fix the problems of your algorithms, how about let people choose which friend and brands and businesses or whatever to like or follow or whatever we call it this week and run the posts in reverse chronological order. If I see stupid sh%$ I can block it myself.
Atrios on Facebooks constant changes to algorithms to fight click-bait and its ilk.
(%$ mine)

I understand his point, and if he, or I, were customers of Facebook, but we aren't. We are what Facebook is selling.

If we just saw what we wanted, Facebook wouldn't be able to sell ¼ the ads that they do now.

Facebook algorithmic changes are about making delivery of the product (You, and Me, and Uncle Dave) more efficient.

To quote Sal Tessio from The Godfather, "It was only business."


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