09 February 2017

A Clarification on My Posting Profanities to this Blog

As you are no doubt aware, there are certain profanities that I block out when I am posting to my blog, F%$#, Sh%$, C%$#, C%$#, C%$sucker, Motherf%$#er, etc.

I did use f%$# when quoting Joe Biden's famous/infamous comment on the passage of the ACA, but generally, I will obscure obscenities in quotes.

However, I have come across the issue that when embedding tweets, I cannot obscure the profanities when preserving the tweet.

Therefore, I shall be embedding those unexpurgated.

That is all.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

I would like to point out, you completely illiterate, that the terms you refer to are not profanities.

They are obscenities.

Profanities have to "profane" something holy or divine. God's blood is a profanity.

Matthew Saroff said...

I'm an engineer, not a linguist, dammit!

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