27 December 2015

Why Cops Need to be Policed, Part Gazillion

Police Sergeant Melissa Ruch, an officer in the West Penn Township police force, fabricated an ambush against herself, the 9th such case this year:
Another police officer is accused of fabricating a story about being attacked in the line of duty, making it a total of seven cops who fabricated such stories this year.

And that does not include the two dimwit cops from Connecticut who were off-duty when they shot up one of their personal cars, later claiming somebody else shot it up.

This time, it’s West Penn Township Police Sergeant Melissa Ruch out of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, who claimed in September that she pulled up to an abandoned car on the side of the road, only to get attacked by huge Hispanic man who threw her over a guardrail, causing her to tumble more than 35 feet down an embankment.

As in the other fabricated stories, the incident prompted a multi-agency manhunt, putting a scare into locals that a dangerous man was on the loose driving a Nissan Maxima with the license plate that read FUK 1011 or FUK 0011, which should have been our first clue she was lying because Pennsylvania does not allow license plates that  might be interpreted as profane.


The incident took place on September 2, one day after the most famous fabricated police ambush this year, the suicide of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz of Illinois, who turned out to be a lying, thieving cop stealing money from the department’s Explorer program.
 Needless to say, the mouth breather brigade took this to be more evidence of a "War on Cops."


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