18 December 2015

Poland is Being Poland Again

Most of the Jews of Poland died in the Holocaust.

Many of the rest fled following antisemitic incidents post WW II.

But Poland is Poland, and they won't let an absence of Jews get in the way of blaming them for everything:
When some 50,000 people turned out in Warsaw recently to protest a plan by Poland’s ruling party to pack the nation’s constitutional court, the hard right-wing political faction responded quickly with a counter-demonstration of its own. Its counter-protest featured, among other things, a placard that mocked those claiming to defend democracy as “the committee to defend Jewish-Communist wealth.”

At around the same time in Wroclaw, Poland’s fourth largest city, crowds at a parallel demonstration to support the recently elected Law and Justice party shouted, “Wroclaw is being de-Polanized as the Jews are buying up homes in the city.”

At another Wroclaw demonstration, held November 18 to protest a European Union plan that would see Poland admit some 7,000 Syrian refugees, demonstrators denounced the proposed immigrants as Islamists — and to somehow add to this point, they set fire to a previously prepared effigy of a Hasidic Jew holding the E.U. flag.

God, Honor and Fatherland,” the crowd then chanted.
Some things never change.

H/t the inner walls

*Google the Kielce Pogrom.


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