24 August 2015

Get a F%$#ing Grip

I was reading Talking Points Memo, and came across a very overwrought article titled, "Christie And Cruz Hammer Cancer-Stricken Jimmy Carter On The Trail."

Seriously. This is a bit much.

Cancer or no cancer, it is OK to criticize a former President's policies.

There is nothing wrong, for example, with my saying that I was stunned to discover that Jeb Bush was the stupid Bush brother, and it is fine to say this regardless of the health status Jeb, or George W., or George H.W. or any of the Bush Crime Family.

They disagree with the foreign policies of the Carter administration, I do too, but on the opposite side of the issue: They felt that Carter was too unwilling to use military force, while I consider Jimmy Carter to be a war criminal for the evil that he inflicted on Afghanistan.

The validity of these viewpoints has nothing to do with his health.

If they were making jokes about his cancer, I could see a cause for outrage, but this is a different kettle of fish.


Stephen Montsaroff said...
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Stephen Montsaroff said...

Along the lines of requiring exact application of treason as a term, please tell me which exactly which laws of war Carter violated.

Killing lots of people for strategic reasons is state craft.

Matthew Saroff said...

He and Brezinski literally bought a civil war in Afghanistan, just to f%$# with the Soviets.

Brezinski has bragged about it in his memoirs.

By its very nature, buying a civil war involves deliberately targeting civilians, perhaps even more so than Obama's drone strikes.

There is a difference with supporting a side in a civil war, and buying a civil war.

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