26 August 2015

A Very Thought Provoking Essay………

Over at the Archdruid's crib, there is a must read post on the requirements for overturning an existing order. You want to read the whole thing, but here is a sample:
The first and most essential step in the transformation of any society is the delegitimization of the existing order. That doesn’t involve violence, and in fact violence at this first stage of the process is catastrophically counterproductive—a lesson, by the way, that the US military has never been able to learn, which is why its attempts to delegitimize its enemies (usually phrased in such language as “winning minds and hearts”) have always been so embarrassingly inept and ineffective. The struggle to delegitimize the existing order has to be fought on cultural, intellectual, and ideological battlefields, not physical ones, and its targets are not people or institutions but the aura of legitimacy and inevitability that surrounds any established political and economic order.
He also quotes what may be Isaac Asimov's most enduring bit of prose, "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

It is an very interesting essay why's and wherefores of violence and non-violence for any revolutionary movement.


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