30 May 2014

What P.Z. Meyers Said

He wrote a post complaining about business as usual at the Democratic Party titled, "Democrats: You suck.

His experience is that, following making a small donation to a Democratic candidate for office, he has been bludgeoned into something approaching PTSD from their repeated fund raising requests:

……… At least I think that’s what they’re doing; I now look at the incoming source, and if it’s the Democrats, I don’t bother to pick up. And here I am, entirely sympathetic to that party (if dissatisfied with their conservatism), and I have a conditioned aversion now.

I’ve had enough. I can learn. And the moral I have learned is to never donate to the Democratic party.

Who’s the idiot behind this campaign? Is it actually working for them?
Do Republicans do the same thing to their donors, or do they just scam them with things like gold coins and quack cures?


Old Pinko said...

As a "Recovering Republican" I can attest that it's the very same thing on the other side. Make one tiny contribution and you'll be buried in appeals from all sectors of the right, the far right and religious nuts about any and all the craziness that goes on over there.

What I don't get is this guys problem. When I get mail from them, after I've made whatever donations I can, I just tear them up and forget them. I don't turn on the party that isn't prone to get large airlifts of cash from bellicose billionaires like the Koch brothers.

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