30 April 2014

We are Having a Spot of Weather

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Normally, I would not write about this, but a city block of street in Baltimore just slid into a rivine:
A nearly 120-year-old retaining wall that has troubled Charles Village residents for decades collapsed Wednesday amid a month's worth of rain, dumping street lights, sidewalks and half a dozen cars onto the CSX rail tracks below.

No injuries were reported. City officials evacuated 19 adjacent homes along East 26th Street and urged residents to avoid the area in case of lingering instability.

The landslide halted CSX rail traffic through what is a main artery to the port of Baltimore. The track carries cargo containers handled by rail at the state's Seagirt Marine Terminal, a substantial economic engine for the region.
I think that I also saw animals pairing up 2 by 2.


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