23 December 2013

Because, It's Always a Good Time to Lampoon Tom Friedman

First, we have the always amusing Charlie Pierce:
Back a few years, David Halberstam was supposed to speak at my son's graduation from Brandeis, but Halberstam died a car wreck shortly before the ceremony so, scrambling, Brandeis went to the alumni bullpen and called in...Tom Friedman. This was the worst strategic move since Darrell Johnson brought in Burton for Willoughby in Game 7 of the 1975 Series. I don't remember what Friedman said, but it was pretty damned banal. I have considered asking for all four years tuition back ever since.
While Pierce is good, Billmon wins the Internet today:

One of these days, I hope to be able to write well enough to lampoon Tom Friedman on my own ……… Then again, if I were to lambaste what he writes, I would actually have to READ what he writes.

Maybe  I'm lucky just to quote people trashing him.


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