17 December 2012

If You Are Going to Watch Zero Dark Thirty, For F%$#'s Sake, Torrent It

Because no one involved with the enterprise deserves a penny of money.

Glenn Greenwald rightly calls it a, "CIA hagiography, [and] pernicious propaganda."

Spencer Ackerman, of Danger Room, admires the torture scenes and how they show moral ambiguity, but this is completely wrong.

You see, in a private letter to members of Congress Leon Panetta stated that torture had no role in locating bin Laden, though in public, he continued to defend the CIA's torture directorate in public.

There is no ambiguity here. Our torture served no purpose but to satisfy the sadism of certain elements of the state security apparatus, along with people above them in the chain of command. **cough** Dick Cheney **cough**

There is no ambiguity. We did not derive actionable intelligence from torture. All we did was give Dick Cheney an erection.

FWIW,it should that the the European Court of Human Rights has officially declared that the CIA engaged in systematic torture. (See also here)

The fact that Obama and Holder have been complicit in indemnifying, and covering this up makes them more than reprehensible human beings, it makes them war criminals as well.

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I am not suggesting that you torrent Bigelow's other works, though I wouldn't object to it.  I'm not gonna watch any of it.


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