19 December 2012

Canada is a Strange Place

And I have to preface this by, "No, this is not The Onion."

It appears that Quebec police have foiled a massive theft from the Canadian Strategic Maple Syrup Reserves:
It was a culinary whodunit involving a daring heist, a golden bounty, and now, some allegedly sticky-fingered suspects.

Police in Quebec announced the arrest of three men in the theft of 6 million lbs. of maple syrup from a provincial warehouse, a haul estimated at $18-million and enough to smother a Himalayan mountain of waffles and pancakes.

The arrests mark a badly-needed break in a case that circled the globe and pulled in law-enforcement agents operating in two countries and three provinces, all deployed in the retrieval of one of Canada’s most cherished resources.

The theft was discovered in August at a depĂ´t rented by the Quebec Federation of Maple Syrup Producers, in what police believe was an inside job. Some 10,000 barrels of stockpiled syrup, part of the federation’s carefully guarded “International Strategic Reserve,” had gone missing. The Fort Knox-style controls reflect the fact that Quebec dominates the world market in maple syrup and carefully controls the commodity’s price and supply.
(emphasis mine)

Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve? Seriously?

Something is seriously weird here.

Also:  If they have a International Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve T-shirt, or a baseball cap, I want one.


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