21 February 2012

Del. Sam Arora Needs be Drummed Out of Politics

For those who are not up on Maryland politics, Sam Arora was considered to be a politico with a great future, but he campaigned on a promise to support, and co-sponsor, a bill supporting gay marriage, and then he opposed it.

The bill passed the House of Delegates by virtue of a Republican vote delivered by the lobbying of Dick Cheney.

For once, it appears that there will be consequences of his action.

I'm sure he's feeling courageous, but he's a coward. If he had any guts, he would not have pretended to support marriage equality when he thought that there was no chance of it passing.

He campaigned on gay marriage, and when it looked like it would pass, he voted against it.

This is why members of the Democratic establishment in both Maryland and nationwide are currently determining the best way to ensure that he won't work in Democratic Party politics ever again.

I would note that it's likely that he's going to have some staffing problems in the immediate future, as his his legislative director quit once he knew that he was going to vote against HB 348.

My guess is that this is the first of many departures, because if anyone on his a staff wants to have a future in politics, having Sam Arora on your resume after January 2012 will be toxic.


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