12 December 2011

What Digby Says

Her comments on the Obama's administration craven capitulation on Plan B contraception:
If Democrats cared as much about getting young women to the polls as they care about getting ideologically incoherent swing voters, they'd win in a walk. They are progressive and they are hostile to the GOP agenda on nearly every level. They have been the most loyal Democratic voters but they are demoralized and need to be reassured that the Democrats give a damn about them. The Plan B decision says the opposite.
This is patently clear to anyone with a brain, but, unfortunately, Barack Obama isn't.

He got into the Senate because his rich primary opponents cut each other to bits, and then his opponent in the general self destructed (wanted to have sex in public with his wife) and was replaced by the craziest person in the Republican party (Alan "WTF?" Keyes).

He won the White House because the press hated Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush so thoroughly trashed the Republican brand, and then faced a doddering old fool who selected the stupidest f%$#ing person in Alaska as a running mate.

It's better to lucky than smart, but stupid is always bad news, and I see absolutely no sign of any sort of political savvy here.

It's sad when a politician seizes on a load of crap (Post Partisan Unity Schtick) as a "special sauce," and then believes it.

Of course, this describes the Republicans too, and they all add a hefty dose of batsh%$ insane.

I miss the calm sanity and liberalism of Richard Milhaus Nixon.


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