20 July 2011

Wanker of the Day

NY Times Reporter and columnist Frank Bruni, who admits that he has written opinion pieces about things that he has no knowledge or opinion, because he wanted to look cool:
I'm glad Bruni feels comfortable admitting that he's a poseur. This admission confirms the suspicions I had about Bruni as a political reporter and as a food critic.

It's good to know upfront that your op/ed columnist is so insecure that he'll generate spurious opinions rather than admit that he's not well-informed or even interested in the topic at hand.

Everyone fronts from time to time, but it's disconcerting to realize that Bruni thinks this bad habit is something to brag about.
As an opinion columnist, they have every right to their opinion, but the idea that they would fake having an opinion just boggles the minds.

You can read the rest of Lindsay Beyerstein's post on this, it's short, and well worth the read.


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