25 December 2010

Theatrical Run Review

Well, it's Christmas, and we are Jewish, so that means Chinese food and a movie.

We got the (Kosher) Chinese food yesterday, in addition to the stir fry that I made (with hearts of palm instead of bamboo shoots), and we went to see a movie in the theater.

We was the latest Jack Black vehicle, Gulliver's Travels.

Jack Black ... Lemuel Gulliver
Jason Segel ... Horatio
Emily Blunt ... Princess Mary
Amanda Peet ... Darcy Silverman
Billy Connolly ... King Theodore
Chris O'Dowd ... General Edward
T.J. Miller ... Dan
James Corden ... Jinks
Catherine Tate ... Queen Isabelle

It's pretty much a piece of fluff, with Jack Black playing Jack Black, but Jack Black is amusing.

The plot bears a reasonable relationship first two parts of the book, though it lacks the social and political satire that John Swift put in, but considering that the original was written in 1726, this is unsurprising.

While a Jack Black vehicle, the best performance is actually by Chris O'Dowd, who is the heavy in the film.

Additionally, Amanda Peet gives a good performance, and is just plain hawt in this, though without showing any skin.

A special shout out to the send up of giant robots.

It's interesting to see the effect of CGI here, because one of the old school, and rather convincing, techniques used in such films, forced perspective, would have helped to make it more realistic.

It was a fun movie, but I would have preferred to see it on pay per view for about ⅕ the price.

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