17 January 2010

It's Put Up or Shut Up for Barack Obama

David Bahati, author of the Ugandan "Kill the Gays" bill, and Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo are expected to come to the United States to attend the National Prayer Breakfast.

Let's be clear: These people are proposing genocide against gays in Uganda.

They should not be granted a visa.

If Barack Obama does not want a diplomatic dispute over this, I think that he is wrong, but he then has another option: Be the first President since Dwight Eisenhower not to attend the breakfast, saying that he will not break bread with them.

If he does neither, he is immoral, and he is a coward, and he does not deserve the public trust.

It is possible that Obama will take steps to prevent this, such as pressuring "The Family", the secretive Christo-Fascist group that has organized the prayer breakfasts, to dis-invite them.

But if he sits down to break bread with people who are this deeply evil, he is giving his personal imprimatur to genocide, and anyone who supports gay rights should not support him.


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