19 December 2009

Likely Record Snow Today

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Apologies for the crappy cell phone camera pic
Well, we're getting a lot of snow here, it's still coming down, and the estimate is that it will be in the range of 18-24 inches when all is said and done should beat the December record of 11½ inches in a single day and 14 inches in a 2-day storm, and may actually break the all-time record set in February 2003 in the North American blizzard of 2003 of 28.2 inches if it exceeds what the weatherman are reporting by a bit.

We still have not seen a snow plow on my street, though it has seen the more heavily traveled streets in the area.

Snow is expected to continue until tapering off sometime tomorrow.

[on edit]Not a big deal for me, but with 1 week left to go before American Greed and Conspicuous Consumption day, it looks like this will hammer retailers, because for much of the Eastern seaboard, this weekend is done, and there may still be a lot of closings, etc. on Monday.


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