22 December 2009

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

What Republicans Said About Griffith in 2008
So, a DINO who said that he would not vote for Pelosi as speaker in 2010, Representative Parker Griffith (AL-5), just made it official and declared himself a Republican.

My guess is that he expects the 'Phants to win in 2010, and in any case, he won a 52-48 bright red district, and so his reelection is easier.

The Democrats should run the ads that the Republicans ran against him in 2008……over……and over……and over again.

Now to get the rest of the Blue Dog coalition and New Democrats to leave the party……If only 1/3 of them lose reelection as 'Phants, the Dems stay in control, and the party doesn't have to deal with those reactionary corporatist whores.

[on edit]
It looks like the Republican running for the seat,Les Phillip, is staying in the race too, so expect a primary fight.

[another edit]It looks like the DCCC dropped $1,076,370 on this moron in 2008.

Seriously, nice job Rahm Emanuel and Chris Van Hollen, this one stinks almost as bad as spending millions to muscle out Christine Cegelis and run the hapless Tammy Duckworth up against Pete Roskam in 2006.


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