27 October 2009

Because Republicans are the Grown-Ups, Right

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It appears that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger does not like California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, and vetoed a rather ordinary bill regarding how the Port of San Francisco is funded as a result.

The bill was about allowing San Francisco to use certain sorts of public financing with regard to their waterfront.

It appears that Ahnuld unexpectedly showed up to the Democratic Party gala, and while the reception was hostile, Ammiano's was significantly more hostile than most of the rest of the people in the room.

He shouted, "You Lie," and then walked out of the Governor's speech saying that he should, "kiss my gay ass" which is an understandable reaction to a guy who vetoed Harvey Milk day.

Totally immature and classless, and so not surprising from a man who suggested that he wanted to flush Arianna Huffington's head down the toilet in the gubernatorial debates.

You can see the letter, at least for now in all its glory straight from the Governor's web page, (PDF), but in case you can't I have a copy of the PDF below thanks to the magic of ScribD.

AB1176 Ammiano Veto Message


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