29 July 2009

OK, There is Someone Stupider than Amity Shlaes

Hard to believe, but true.

It turns out that Gregory Levey is stupider than conservative affirmative action baby Amity Shlaes, the woman who was fired by that Communist rag the Financial Times for extolling Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina in her reporting on the storm and its aftermath, because Mr. Levey is suggesting that Barack Obama should appoint George W. Bush as his Middle East envoy to aid in his diplomatic efforts in the region.

In related news, he suggested that Hannibal Lecter as chairman of the special White House committee on nutrition, Mary "Typhoid Mary" Mallon as head of food safety at the FCC, Timothy Leary as Drug Czar, and South Carolina Governor Rick "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" Sanford as head of the special working committee for ethics in government.

Great googly moogly.


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