30 December 2007

My Proposals on Immigration

Note that I don't mention a fence. I think that addressing the demand pull is what should be done first....After about 1/3 of the illegal aliens in the US entered legally and overstayed their visas.

My Proposals:
  • Change the law penalizing employers for hiring illegal aliens. Make it for negligently hiring illegals, not knowingly hiring illegals. It's easier to prosecute, and the defense is ordinary care.
  • Create a new law for those who knowingly hire illegals, include long prison sentences, and asset forfeiture.
  • Create a bounty program for illegals. If an illegal alien rats out an employer, they get a 5 year green card. These green cards can be added up, or used to bring the rest of his family across the border.
  • Add a cash bounty for ratting out employers for legal residents.
  • Increase the fees on H1b and L1 visas so that it will always more expensive to go this route. If you really need that guy you should be willing to pay 50 grand in fees.
This increases the regulatory cost of employing illegals, and so reduces the demand.


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