30 December 2007

Conservative Affirmative Action in Action: Bill Kristol Edition

It looks like the New York Times will be offering Bill Kristol a columnist gig for the next year.

It seems to be rather more limited than usual, with only 1 column a week, normally it's 2, and only a year long contract.

While not as egregious a case as Jonah Goldberg*, Bill Kristol is the beneficiary of "Conservative Affirmative Action", much as is the brothers Kagan, who all seem to dance from position to position based on little more than who their parents were.

Nepotism is a problem because you end up with idiot sons managing things that they have no business managing. You can refer to Andrew Sullivan's post about John Podhoretz becoming editor of Commentary if you want it in the short form with lots of snark.

I'm not a fan of Mr. Sullivan, but when he's on, he can be amusing.

*Seriously, I'm embarrassed by this guy because we share the same nationality, I know his mom is a "person of note" in the community, but you need to find someone with more of a flair for original thought, like Jayson Blair of Stephen Glass.
Carrot Top fills me with the same feelings too.


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