29 October 2007

Ok!!!! I'm Awake Now (And I Need a Change of Underwear)

I had to fill up, and there is a 7-11 on the way to work, so I filled up there.

I filled up the car, but I decided that I needed hydration and caffeine, so I got myself a Coke® Slurpee®. It looked a trifle over frozen, so I stood as far back as I could while operating the machine.

I got everything working fairly well, when BLAMM!!!!, some sort of pressure surge hit, and ruptured the lid.

It sounded like an atom bomb had gone off, and everyone looked over. I was standing there with a stunned expression* on my face.

The lid was shredded, but remarkably enough, I had no Slurpee® on me...not a drop.

One of the clerks came to help me dispense, I think that they were grateful that there was no actual gun play tied with the noise, and she joked, "Need to go to the bathroom now?" I replied, "too late for that," which got a chuckle out of her.

*My brother calls it the "looking like a cow that has just stepped on its own udder" expression.


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