28 June 2007

MiG-35 Details Given

My money is on India going with Russia, they already have a lot fo the support infrastructure there.

Also note that the Mig-35, Su-27 variants, Typhoon, Rafale, and Gripen are all offering AESA upgrades.

The USAF is billing as a great ace in the hole, and it seems not so tough to do.

Bangalore air show: MiG-35 makes debut at Aero India

RSK MiG chose Aero India to display the MiG-35 publicly for the first time. A land-based version of the Indian navy's MiG-29KUB, the aircraft was first flown last month. The MiG-35 is being offered to meet the Indian air force's requirement for 126 multirole fighters.


The MiG-35 is first Russian aircraft fitted with an active electronically scanned array radar. The Phazotron-NIIR Zhuk-MA was publicly revealed by removing the aircraft's nosecone. The Zhuk-MA's antenna consists of 160 modules, each with four receive-and-transmit modules. It is believed to offer a 160km (85nm) air target detection radius and 300km for surface ships. ....

The MiG-35 is powered by two RD-33MKBs that can be fitted with KliVT swivel-nozzles and a thrust vectoring control (TVC) system. .....


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