27 June 2007

HP Ships Hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD Drives

I'm still betting (for bragging rights only) on HD-DVD, and it's interesting that a Blue-ray early adopter, HP, is now hedging its bets.

This runs the opposite indication as Blockbuster's decision to go Blue-ray.

FWIW, my advice is to sit tight until one or the other conclusively wins in the next 18-24 months.
HP coughs up surprise update to desktop PC range

By Kelly Fiveash
Published Tuesday 26th June 2007 11:46 GMT

HP has quietly snuck through an update to its home desktop PC range with the computer giant now officially shipping its media centre systems with hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD drives.

The firm has added the drives to both its Intel (m8010y) and AMD (m8100e) processor-powered Pavilion media centre models.

HP's decision to adopt the Blu-ray format, which is already backed by Sony as well as many of the Hollywood studios, alongside high definition DVD could satisfy consumers who are stuck with having to make a choice between the two competing formats.



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