27 June 2007

Google: This is Enlightened Self Interest

Not a return to their policy of "don't be evil".

They will still keep your data for as they possibly can. Thankfully, the European Union is putting some limits on this.
Google seeks U.S. government support in fighting Internet censorship abroad

Associated Press
Article Launched: 06/22/2007 11:27:09 AM PDT

WASHINGTON - Once relatively indifferent to government affairs, Google Inc. is seeking help inside the Beltway to fight the rise of Web censorship worldwide.

The online search giant is taking a novel approach to the problem by asking U.S. trade officials to treat Internet restrictions as international trade barriers, similar to other hurdles to global commerce, such as tariffs.

Google sees the dramatic increase in government Net censorship, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, as a potential threat to its advertising-driven business model, and wants government officials to consider the issue in economic, rather than just political, terms.

"It's fair to say that censorship is the No. 1 barrier to trade that we face," said Andrew McLaughlin, Google's director of public policy and government affairs. A Google spokesman said Monday that McLaughlin has met with officials from the U.S. Trade Representative's office several times this year to discuss the issue.



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