21 July 2018

Today is the Worst Day Ever

I don't mean this personally, but rather on a far broader level.

It's the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av) on the Jewish calendar.

It's kind of the Spinal Tap drummer of Jewish history.

Here is a sample of its greatest "hits":
  • The report of the spies from Canaan, resulting in the people of Israel spending 40 Years in the Desert.
  • The destruction of the 1st Temple.
  • The destruction of the 2nd Temple.
  • The Romans razed Betar, killing 100,000 Jews.
  • The Romans plowed the temple mount.
  • The start of the 1st Crusade. (You see it as a coming together of Christendom. I see it as a pogrom with years of murder and rape.)
  • The expulsion of Jews from England.
  • The expulsion of Jews from France.
  • The expulsion of Jews from Spain.
  • Germany entered the WW I. (Can be legitimately claimed to have directly led to the Shoah)
  • Formal approval of the "Final Solution" by the Nazis in 1941.
  • Deportations to Treblinka from the Warsaw Ghetto begin in 1942.


marku said...

Thanks, as a non-Jew, I find your references helpful to understanding.

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