11 August 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Explores New Frontiers in Lame

Remember when I wrote that Debbie Wasserman Schults had agreed to debates with primary challenger Tim Canova?

Now we learn that the Congresswoman has defined agreeing to debate as one 15 minute long joint appearance. After the introductions and opening statements, that leaves time for ……… well ……… nothing:
Last week, Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Sun Sentinel Editor, Rosemary O’Hara, that she was in debate discussions with me. That statement was a complete fabrication. In fact, Wasserman Schultz and no one from her campaign has ever responded to the debate challenge that I made back in April.

Days ago, I tried again in an open letter and by email to Wasserman Schultz and her staff to suggest a series of two-hour debates. Again, I never received any reply. Instead, Jim Defede of WFOR CBS 4 Local News sent an invitation to both candidates to debate on his Sunday morning 8:30am talk show, Facing South Florida. At 4pm, my campaign learned that Wasserman Schultz said she “scheduled” a debate.

After four months of dodging debates and running scared, Wasserman Schultz now wants to schedule a 15 minute debate? If she believes one 15 minute debate is sufficient to defend her record, it shows she’s learned nothing from her failures in scheduling debates at the DNC before her shameful resignation. In April, I proposed a series of real debates, and that’s still my hope, that the voters will get the benefit of hearing us discuss the issues in more than one debate of at least two-hours each to cover a wide range of issues of importance to all of us.
Great googly moogly.

DWS has got to be the lamest politician in Florida, and considering that Jeb "Miss Congeniality" Bush and Rick "Governor Batboy" Scott are Florida politicians, that's saying a lot.

I so hope Tim Canova wins the primary.


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