30 August 2007

David S. Broder Please Retire Now

Well, it looks like "the Dean" is at it again. He writes about how he longs for 3rd party candidates for president, specifically a Hagel-Bloomberg ticket.

The idea is that the American public longs for "post partisan" politics.

He thinks that candidates who differ on abortion, gun laws, gay rights, taxes, public schools, and role of religion in the public sphere, can somehow find common ground. This is like the bite of a dog into a stone, it is a stupidity.

What he derides as "partisan" politics is actually the legitimate give and take of differences in policy, but sitting where he does, living in the continuous cocktail party known as Sally Quinn's Washington, it's all too inconvenient.

These differences get in the way of a pleasant party, and the policies have very little effect on him, being paid to pontificate being one of the lifestyles least effected by significant policy decision.

He is not effected when other people's children die in Iraq, or when other people's children lack medical care and die because Bush and His Evil Minions believe that it's worse to provide government funded health care to one relatively well off kid than it is for 1000 poor children to to have no access to health care.

He is the personification of what is wrong with the culture of Washington, DC.


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