04 August 2018

My Money Is That It's Not Columbia, but Might Be the District of Columbia

During a speech in Caracas, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was the target of an apparent assassination attempt involving explosive laden drones:
Chaos has struck Venezuela following an apparent foiled assassination attempt against the country’s embattled president, Nicol├ís Maduro.

Several drones armed with explosives were flown towards Maduro as he addressed a military parade in the capital Caracas on Saturday afternoon.

The drones did not reach Maduro, though it is not clear if they were shot down or exploded prematurely. The president survived unharmed while seven people were injured in the attack, the country’s information minister said.

Maduro, speaking from the presidential palace two hours after the attack, announced that those behind the attempt on his life had been captured.

“I am alive and victorious,” the socialist president said in a bellicose televised address, before blaming the attack on the government of neighbouring Colombia.

“Everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian ultra-right, and that the name of [Colombian president] Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack.”
I wonder if someone in the US state security apparatus had some advance knowledge of this going down.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Too bad they didn't get the little pocket fascist.

Stephen Montsaroff said...

You know, two words just entered my mind: Reichstag and Fire.

Stephen Montsaroff said...


Firefighters at the scene of the blast disputed the government’s version of events. Three local authorities said there had been a gas tank explosion inside an apartment near Maduro’s speech where smoke could be seen streaming out of a window. They provided no further details on how they had reached that conclusion.

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