17 July 2018

When the NYPD Says Hurry Up and Investigate Its Officers ………

It appears that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions' Department of Justice has been so egregious in dragging its feet in their investigation of the Eric Garner death that they are threatening to initiate disciplinary hearings against the officers involved:
The New York Police Department, impatient at the slow pace of the federal government’s civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner in July 2014, told the Justice Department on Monday that it would soon start disciplinary proceedings against the officers involved in the killing in the absence of federal action.

The Police Department, acting one day before the fourth anniversary of Mr. Garner’s death on Staten Island, said it would no longer hold off on disciplinary proceedings if the Justice Department had not announced by Aug. 31 whether it will file criminal charges.

“Understandably, members of the public in general and the Garner family in particular have grown impatient with the fact that N.Y.P.D. has not proceeded with our disciplinary proceedings and they have difficulty comprehending a decision to defer to a federal criminal investigation that seems to have no end in sight,” Lawrence Byrne, the department’s deputy commissioner for legal matters, said in a letter to the Justice Department on Monday.
Seriously, the DoJ is trying really hard not to do their job.


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