12 July 2018

Totally Unsurprised

What a surprise.

After invoking Bruce Springsteen saying that he would support her in the general election, Joe Crowley will be on the ballot as a 3rd party candidate in the 14th Congressional district:
Even in Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s district, the Working Families Party line was won by Mr. Crowley, who had secured that party’s endorsement. Bill Lipton, state director of the Working Families Party, said he immediately reached out to Mr. Crowley’s campaign to request that he vacate the line.

To Mr. Lipton’s chagrin, his campaign declined; Mr. Crowley will remain on the ballot in November. “You’d think that given the moment we’re in,” said Mr. Lipton, “that Democratic leaders would want to help progressive forces to unite.”
It appears that the demands for unity only apply to the real Democrats, not the corporate Democrats.

Also:  New York has truly f%$#ed up election laws.


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