17 July 2018

The First Pebble. Hopefully a Prelude to an Avalanche

The first House Republican has has agreed to sign a discharge petition to overturn the repeal of net neutrality:
A bill that would reinstate the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules has won its first House GOP supporter — who is also one of the most vulnerable Republicans in this fall's midterms.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) announced on Tuesday that he would be signing a discharge petition to bring the Congressional Review Act (CRA) bill up for a floor vote. He also revealed his own bill to codify the principles of net neutrality into law.
He is in a highly competitive district, and he is not alone, and even a majority of rank and file Republicans support net neutrality, because everyone hates their cable company.

I'll start feeling hopeful when the 3rd Republican signs the discharge petition.


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