18 July 2018

Have a Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up, Joe Lieberman

You may notice that, apart from quoting Joe Biden, and embedding Tweets, I typically obscure profanities (%$#).

However, I make an exception for that Joe Lieberman, who took to the pages of (where else) the Wall Street Journal to exhort Bronx voters to vote for Joe Crowley on the 3rd part ballot slot so that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not become a member of Congress.

Joe Lieberman has been actively sabotaging the Democratic Party ever since they declined to nominate him for President in 2004.

The smarm, the hypocrisy, and the narcissism are so typically Joe Lieberman.

While you are thinking deeply Mr. Lieberman, please do me a favor:  Eat shit and die.


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