05 June 2018

Served, and Hopefully Jailed

Not a member of the Trump administration, but rather Maine Governor, and human bowling jacket,* Paul LePage, who just got spanked by the court for refusing to turn in Medicaid expansion paperwork to the federal government:
Gov. Paul LePage's administration must file paperwork by next week to the federal government to adopt Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in Maine, a state Superior Court judge said Monday in a decision rebuking the defiant Republican governor.

Obamacare supporters in April sued the LePage administration to force it to comply with the results of a November ballot initiative ordering the state to expand coverage to tens of thousands of low-income adults under the 2010 health care law. But LePage has insisted he won't adopt Medicaid expansion unless state lawmakers meet his conditions for funding the program.

Under the Maine ballot initiative, roughly 80,000 low-income adults are supposed to qualify for Medicaid benefits starting July 2. The LePage administration ignored an early April deadline to formally notify the federal government it would expand, prompting the lawsuit from advocates who spearheaded the ballot measure.


Monday's court decision requires the LePage administration to file paperwork to HHS by June 11. A LePage spokesperson said the administration is reviewing the decision and declined to say whether it would appeal the ruling.
Your honor, if he does not file the paperwork by June 11, can you throw his ass in jail on June 12?

It would make my day.

*Not my bon mot, it comes from Charlie Pierce.


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