08 May 2018

Liven In Obedient Fear, Blokes

As you may know, the UK has more CCTV cameras per capita than any other country in the world.

One would figure that they would be at the forefront of facial recognition technology, but you would be wrong.

Law enforcement heavily uses facial recognition, even though their systems are only 8% accurate.

This is not world class technology. Hell, this ain't even economy class technology:
A British police agency is defending (this link is inoperable for the moment) its use of facial recognition technology at the June 2017 Champions League soccer final in Cardiff, Wales—among several other instances—saying that despite the system having a 92-percent false positive rate, "no one" has ever been arrested due to such an error.

New data about the South Wales Police's use of the technology obtained by Wired UK and The Guardian through a public records request shows that of the 2,470 alerts from the facial recognition system, 2,297 were false positives. In other words, nine out of 10 times, the system erroneously flagged someone as being suspicious or worthy of arrest.
This is not just a privacy concern.  This is stupid and wasteful policing.


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