16 December 2017

A Shallow Analysis

In Krugman's latest New York Times OP/ED, he observes that, "Republicans Despise the Working Class".

He's right, but his view is too narrow. Republicans hate everyone who isn't rich. They believe that wealth is synonymous with virtue, and they are acting accordingly.

The only reason that they achieve any degree of political traction on this is because the Democratic Party establishment also despises the working class, and it ain't just the whole "deplorables" thing, when we look at the lackluster support for labor unions, the suggestions that the solutions to the hollowing out of US manufacturing capabilities are in training everyone to be office drones, etc.

The US really needs a Jeremy Corbynesque "Old Labour" party.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

I thought Krugman was on your 'dead to me' list.

Matthew Saroff said...

Dropped from my blogeroll != They who must not be named list.

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