05 August 2017

Not a Surprise

Getting rid of Travis Kalanick may have been hard for Uber’s investors and board of directors. But replacing him could prove harder.

As the company’s board inches ahead in its search for a new chief executive to run the embattled ride-hailing company, candidates are dropping out before they’ve even met with every board member. Kalanick himself is rumored to be angling for a return, and some investors question whether any candidate could fill its departed leader’s shoes.

In other words, this is not a typical job opening.
This is not a surprise.  The best parts of Uber are profoundly toxic, the worst parts are illegal, and Travis Kalanick is attempting to regain control of the company, which, considering that he may have control of a majority of voting shares, is likely to put off anyone who has any concern about their reputation.

Any attempt to fix Uber will likely fail because, with Kalanick in the wings, the employees will likely slow-walk any attempted reforms, because they believe that they will be reversed.

It's a toxic mess, and the only person willing to step into it will have to either have nothing to lose, or have no f%$#s left to give.

There aren't a whole bunch of those in the C-suite.


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