07 July 2017

Snark of the Day

A bunch of privileged white boy dotcommers have decided that, because they got lucky, they should determine the future of the Democratic Party.

They call their nascent movement "Win the Future", yes, it has the initials "WTF", and it has debuted to much derision.

They are referring to themselves as a "Virtual Party", and their most substantive policy proposal appears to be pushing Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins as a political party.

In any case, this characterization of  the founders is prize:
Mark Pincus is the co-founder of Zynga, your grandmother’s favorite video game publisher. Reid Hoffman is co-founder of LinkedIn, a networking website that’s harder to escape than a Scientology outpost buried underneath a gulag. These tech visionaries decided they’d had enough of business as usual in politics, put their brains together, and created an exciting new group called Win The Future. Its mission is to influence the Democratic party platform and assist the #Resistance. If you’re skeptical of this project, keep these facts in mind: People in tech are smarter than you are; disruption makes everything better; everybody loves winning; the internet is the future; and the group is called Win the Future. Enough said.
(emphasis mine)

Is it just me, or does Silicon Valley increasingly seem to be a charity to support the lifestyles of over privileged youth?


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