15 June 2017

You're an Imbecile

There are not a whole bunch of discussions where I think that the only response is to immediately dismiss its proponents as stupid and engage in no further dialog.

It's not that my don't quickly judge others' intelligence, it's that generally I like to argue.

But sometimes, something is so f%$#ing stupid that I just wash my hands.

Pretty much any argument that includes the phrase, "Cultural appropriation," and not only do I stop listening, and simply go all Drax the Destroyer and walk away.

And now the forces of evil have captured Canada, and there is an international effort to criminalize "Cultural Appropriation" which originates from the Great White North:
Indigenous advocates from around the world are calling on a UN committee to ban the appropriation of Indigenous cultures — and to do it quickly.

Delegates from 189 countries, including Canada, are in Geneva this week as part of a specialized international committee within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency.

Since it began in 2001, the committee has been working on creating and finishing three pieces of international law that would expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines.

The meeting takes place as concern grows worldwide about the rights of cultures to control their own materials. In the U.S. this week, designer Tory Burch agreed to change the description of one of her coats for women after Romanians protested that it had been described as African-inspired when it actually appropriated a traditional Romanian garment.
The only cultures that do not incorporate the characteristics of of other cultures over time are dead cultures.

What's more, this whole thing runs counter to the very concept of a cultural commons, which is essential for a living society.  (Of course, it is coming from WIPO, which makes the US Patent Court look like Karl Marx.)

I would also add that the cultures in question are in no way harmed by this.  They still have their, "Designs, dances, words and traditional medicines," even if, for example, Richard Simmons decides to do an aerobics video using the traditional dances of the Masai.

My apologies for the image of a Richard Simmons doing an aerobics video using the traditional dances of the Masai.

It isn't pretty, but it needed to be said.

H/t Angry Bear, who is just as disgusted as I am.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Swimming Bear is disgusted too.

I want those appropriators to stop using my Phonetic Alphabet.

Matthew Saroff said...

And the Irish for appropriating corned beef in a New England boiled dinner. (In Ireland, they use something much like Canadian bacon).

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