25 May 2017

I'm Impressed

Jeremy Corbyn called for young people to register to vote in the UK, and 90,000 of them registered in one day:
Over 90,000 young people registered to vote on Sunday in a boost to Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign.

A total of 90,200 18- to- 24-year-olds applied to vote on 21 May, according to the latest figures.

It came as the Labour leader made a last-ditch plea for students to register to vote by stressing its manifesto pledge to abolish tuition fees as early as this September.

Just 6,827 55- to- 64-year-olds and  2,628 65- to- 74-year-olds registered on Sunday- a day before applications close.
I understand why all those Blairites in Labour are so concerned about Corbyn's leadership of the party.

Clearly he cannot motivate people to vote for Labour.

Once again, I am forced to invoke the Iron Law of Institutions, which states that people pursue power within an organization, even at the expense of the power of that organization.


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