16 March 2017

This Must Have Been What It Was Like to Watch Mort Sahl Implode in the 1960s

Stephen Colbert Opens Up a Can of Whup Ass on Rachel Maddow
I haven't watched Rachel Maddow since she gleefully revealed the straw poll of super delegates just before the California primary.

It wasn't the revelation per se, all of NBC clearly had orders to push the story, it was the glee with which she was telling California voters that that didn't matter.

Lately though, she has been going tinfoil hat in a way reminiscent of Mort Sahl's decidedly unfunny fixation on the Kennedy assassination and the Warren Commission report, which wrecked the career of what had been the most promising comedian of the late 1950s.

It's been Russophobic baiting that would be worthy of the late, and unlamented, Roy Cohn.

Now she's completely jumped the shark in revealing Donald Trump's 2005 1040 form, both pages, no details, and it reveals that he paid about 25% of his income in taxes.

It's been described as a, "Cynical, self-defeating spectacle," and the reporter who obtained the document, David Cay Johnston, said that he could not be sure that Trump hadn't leaked the tax returns himself.

Think about it:  After over a year of allegations that he was basically broke, and that he paid no taxes, we discover, at least in 2005, he earned over $150 million, proving that he's really rich, not fake rich, and that he actually paid a tax rate that makes him look honest.

It really is pathetic, as Stephen Colbert's devastating parody of her clearly shows.

My theory is that Hillary supporters know that the f%$#ed up, but are unable to admit their guilt, and it's driving them cray-cray, but I'm an engineer, not a psychiatrist, dammit!*

*I love it when I get to go all Dr. McCoy!


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