22 February 2017

How About a Nice Cup of Shut the F%$# Up?

It appears that Senator Claire McCaskill (DINO-Missouri) has taken to whining about the fact that she might face a primary challenge in 2018:
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Thursday compared a faction of Democrats calling for their party to become increasingly progressive to the Tea Party movement that grew out of Republicans’ opposition to President Barack Obama.

That wing of the party, McCaskill said on “The Mark Reardon Show” in St. Louis, could offer up a primary challenger to take on the two-term senator when she runs for reelection next year.

"I’m for sure going to run," McCaskill said. "And I may have a primary because there is, in our party now, some of the same kind of enthusiasm at the base that the Republican Party had with the Tea Party.”“Many of those people are very impatient with me because they don't think I'm pure. For example, they think I should be voting against all of Trump's nominees and of course I'm judging each nominee on its own merit," she said.
The Democratic Party is not going to take back the Senate in 2018.

There are 23 seats being defended by Democrats, and 9 being defended by Republicans.

There is no way that we are going to pick up 2 senate seats to retake the Senate.

No one has any reason to hold their nose and think of control of the Senate, so you should work on inspiring your base. Whining about how real Democrats don't appreciate you won't help.

I would suggest that the distinguished gentlewoman from Missoure try to stop being a coward and a hypocrite, but that is clearly not in your nature.


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