13 November 2016

This is Called Getting Your ducks in a Row

Bernie Sanders and his allies are looking at replacing the Democratic Party leaders at the state and local levels.

Good.  This is how to make real change, and make it stick:
The revolution is back in business.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders' failed presidential bid are seizing on Democratic disarray at the national level to launch a wave of challenges to Democratic Party leaders in the states.

The goal is to replace party officials in states where Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton during the acrimonious Democratic primary with more progressive leadership. But the challenges also represent a reckoning for state party leaders who, in many cases, tacitly supported Clinton's bid.

“I think the Bernie people feel very strongly that they were abused, somehow neglected during the primary process and the conventions,” said Severin Beliveau, a former Maine Democratic Party chairman who supported Sanders in the primary. “In Maine, for instance, where Bernie got 70 percent of the caucus vote, they are emboldened and in effect want to try to replace [Maine Democratic Party chairman] Phil Bartlett, who supported Clinton.”
I hope that they can make this work, but they are fighting the Iron Rule of Organizations Institutions, which states that power WITHIN an organization is pursued at the expense of the power OF that organization. 


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Yes, but they have to put people with some idea of how to fix the problem in place.

Despite having supported Clinton, I would prefer Dean who had a 50 state strategy of grass roots building.

A sitting congress man can apply himself they way Dean would.

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