14 November 2016

F%$# Me! I F%$#ing Agree with F%$#ing Donald F%$#ing Trump!

It appears that Silicon Valley freaking out because Donald Trump said that the H1B program has driven down wages, and that he does not like it:
Before he was elected to be the next US president, Donald Trump had garnered the support of just one prominent billionaire in Silicon Valley: Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and Facebook board member.

The US technology industry had been shocked that one veteran from the Valley, which prides itself on liberal values, had supported, funded and even spoken for Mr Trump at his convention — and is now part of the president’s transition team.

But amid a feeling of bewildered detachment from the rest of the US, a serious business problem emerged — that Mr Trump’s plan for a wall to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants could end up hurting Silicon Valley’s growth prospects. The industry is worried he could stall their hiring programmes dependent on H-1B visas or make it harder for them to fund foreign start-up founders.
Of course, they could just pay more, and they would get the talent, but instead they want to bring over slave laber kept captive by the remote possibility of an eventual green card.

Here is the classic bullsh%$ scare quote:
“Given the rate of growth we are seeing in so many different tech companies from Facebook to Uber to Google or a company like Box, there’s simply a shortage of really great talent,” Mr Levie said. “When you have incredible talent that wants to work in your organisation but you are preventing them from doing so, that is disastrous to innovation and competition.”

Amit Kumar, chief executive at Trimian, an app developer with employees in Silicon Valley and India, said a restriction of H-1B visas for skilled guest workers could push tech companies to invest more in overseas offices, like manufacturers who had moved abroad.
The cost of moving IT overseas is astonishingly small.

It's not much more than the cost of moving it across the street.

If it was all about saving money, they would already be in Bangalore, you would pay less for programmers, secretaries, grounds keepers, office space, etc.

What's more, I have it on good authority that there are some good curry places there.

The H1B and L1A programs have been thoroughly corrupt for at least 3 decades, and it needs to be torn down.


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