18 October 2016

This is What Got John Edwards Indicted

Investigative reporter Murray Waas has, discovered a coverup of Donald Trump's sexual misconduct orchestrated by the publisher of the National Enquirer.

This was done, at least in part, to boost his campaign for President:
Story summary: Only two weeks after Donald Trump began his presidential campaign, a former hedge fund manager informed the Trump Organization that he might publish sexually suggestive photographs of Trump online—which would have early on raised the issue of Trump’s misogyny and treatment of women that has only belatedly come into focus. To suppress the photographs, Trump and his attorney turned to a close friend and political supporter, David Pecker, the CEO of the National Enquirer. Over a period of weeks, the hedge fund manager, Jeremy Frommer, sought out contracts with the National Enquirer worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, and lesser favors from Trump personally, according to contemporaneous records, including emails, text messages, and internal company documents. Some National Enquirer executives privately worried that had they followed through, they would be using corporate funds to pay hush money to assist Trump’s presidential campaign, a potential violation of federal campaign finance laws.
I would note that John Edwards beat the wrap, because Edwards, unlike most politicians, practiced law in a court, and he declined to cut a deal because he (correctly) believe that a jury would not convict.

Still, from a political perspective, it is a rather fascinating story, if just because one of the principals in this affair had a similar role in the revelation of Arnold Schwartzenegger's extramarital activities.


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