05 October 2016

My Life is Effectively Over

Such is the nature of my doing contract work that I need to find a new job on a fairly regular basis.

My new position is not transit accessible, so I had to get a car for commuting.

It's a used Prius, so now we own both a minivan and a Prius.

I am now suffering from terminal automotive dullness.

As an aside, the Prius is a pleasant car to drive, though I find it disconcertingly quiet, and the animated displays take some getting used to.

The outside visibility is excellent, which is a surprise given the spoiler midway up the rear windows.

Also, I am not sure why, but it feels huge, more like a full size car than the midsize that it is technically listed as.

This is not a handling thing, it's just the sense I get sitting in it.  It feels really big.

It's handling is rather crisp though.


Rick Haley said...

Mines a specialized hardrock...the mags call it a pussy mountain bike wanna be...I say it can go down in ditches and across the tops of stalled cars. When i need to...;-)

Stephen Montsaroff said...

For noise, why not use clothes pins and playing cards, like we uesed to do for bikes.

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