19 October 2016

Live Blogging/Drinking

Not the good stuff, this ain't a celebration, I've found a very cheap and inoffensive Scotch, Inver House Green Plaid.

Not bad for a plastic bottle.

9:19 pm: 19 minutes in, and none of the words.

I'm taking a drink anyway.

This debate seems far more substantive than the other too.

9:28 pm: Clinton ignored Wallace for about 30 seconds. Take a sip.

9:31 pm:"You're a puppet." This is a drink thing. Adding to the list.

9:32 pm: Clinton red baits. Take a drink. Adding to the list.

9:34 pm: Trump says that Clinton and Obama have been played by Putin. I count this as "loser" one of the words. I drink.

9:36 pm: How could I have forgotten Trump saying, "I never said that." He said it, I am drinking. (Sip, not whole shot)

9:40 pm: My son said, "It's a good thing that you didn't put Trump saying, "A lot of things," on your list. You would be dead by now.

9:41 pm: I should have included Trump bringing up "NAFTA". Taking a sip.

9:44pm: Hillary said "Obama". Take a sip.

9:47 pm:Trump mentions Nafta, and says "She totally lied," two sips.

9:49 pm:Now we are getting hostile, Charlie quoted an internet meme, "Trump and Clinton are like the divorced parents fighting over custody. I wanna live with Grandpa Bernie!"

9:51 pm:Hillary dropped the bin Laden bomb. Oh snap!!!

9:52 pm: Trump says, "Yuge." Full shot.

9:55 pm: Trump: "I did not say that." Finish off shot glass.

9:58 pm: Trump says "Wrong" meaning "I didn't say that", drink. Hillary brought up Khan, drink.

10:04 pm: Tax returns. I should have had it on the list. Taking a drink.

10:08 pm: My son is worried that I will kill myself if I keep going. Putting away the alcohol and changing the channel when I can still type.


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