20 September 2016

The Brave New World of Technological Innovation, It's Another way to F%$# the Students

Greg Mankiw, who teaches Economics 10 at Harvard has decided to inflict an overpriced online license for course materials:
For the first time, students in the College’s introductory economics class must purchase a $132 access code to an online textbook and set of online materials—a course requirement that many have criticized as making the class too expensive. But the course’s professor and the textbook’s author, N. Gregory Mankiw, said the new system is worth the pricetag.
When Greg Mankiw says that this is, "Worth the pricetag," means that this makes him money, because, even if he cannot directly profit from Harvard sales, a standard setup at universities, it creates sales at other institutions, which does benefit him directly.
Students enrolled in Harvard's introductory economics course must now purchase loose-leaf copies of N. Gregory Mankiw's 'Principles of Microeconomics' as well as a code to online materials.

Unlike in previous years, students in Economics 10: “Principles of Economics,” the foundational course for the Economics Department, cannot purchase used textbooks, which often offer a cheaper alternative to the new books. Instead, they must purchase access to the MindTap learning system, an online platform developed by the textbooks’ publisher that includes test preparation materials, problem-sets, and quizzes for the course. An online copy of the textbook is included on MindTap’s website, and students also receive a loose-leaf hard copy.

The access will expire after 12 months, so students can not resell their textbooks, Mankiw said.
How convenient.

The Douglas Adams phrase, "A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes," seems an apt description of both Dr. Mankiw his fellow travellers.


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